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What is influence of the amount of water to cook rice?

Interpretive Summary: The amount of water used to cook rice has an affect on texture, but the affect on flavor is unknown. This research examines the affect of three different ratios of water to rice on the sensory characteristics of cooked rice. Four diverse rice cultivars were evaluated at; 1) less that ideal, 2) ideal and, 3) more than ideal water amounts. Results show that there is little effect on flavor, but eleven of the fourteen texture characteristics evaluated were affected. Greater amounts of water increased stickiness between grains and other surface properties, while hardness decreased.
Technical Abstract: Water to rice ratio is known to affect cooked rice texture, whereas, the effects on flavor are largely unknown. To determine the impact of the amount of water during cooking on flavor and texture descriptive attributes, three- water to rice ratios consisting of low (less than ideal), medium (ideal), and high (more than ideal) were evaluated, with the "ideal" being based on amylose content and cook type for the cultivar. A descriptive sensory panel evaluated flavor and texture attribute intensities. The water to rice ratio did not significantly affect flavor attributes across all cultivars. The amount of water affected eleven of the fourteen texture attributes evaluated. Of these eleven, initial starchy coating, slickness, stickiness between grains, cohesiveness, and uniformity of bite increased in intensity with greater amounts of water at cooking; whereas, hardness, stickiness to lips, springiness, and chewiness decreased in intensity.
NOTE : In experiment I’m choosing for measurement:
 bulled rice @ 1 kg

• Title : The influence the amount of water to cook rice
• Research Objectives : To now the fix amount of water to cook rice well
• Benefits of Research : >for student, as knowledge to cook the rice well.
>for chef, so that he can make delicious rice so his costumers like his food especially the rice and he has many costumers in his restaurant.

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