Saturday, November 13, 2010

Puisi : "let time answer everything.."

by : Dinda Ndot

let time answer everything..

And i don't know what must i do..
The time walking n go away for me..
The waves rolling over me..
Sent this second of my feeling..
Until the sun is set now..
I still not found what think that i looking for..
Boys run to me..
My heart missed a beat..
Ever think that it's time for me to smile..
But it's the big false..
He said that i must go from here now..
The big storm would have been coming and it's means that someone who i want,would never docking over here with his ship..
I tried to keep my heart so hard..
Invain..cauze you're never know too..
That i ever shit in this beach..
Alone,until the sky become dark..
Just for waiting for u..
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